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Businesses are choosing to build with Claude as their trusted AI infrastructure. Our customers include leading enterprises and startups focused on financial services, healthcare, legal and more.

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Hear from our customers

  • Asana Logo
    With Claude, we’re able to more accurately draw insights and nuances from large sets of data, and overall tell an honest assessment of the state of work.
    Eric Pelz, Head of Technology, AI at Asana
  • Bridgewater Logo
    Claude is the highly capable model behind our upcoming Investment Analyst Assistant on Amazon Bedrock, which is able to take basic instructions, generate Python code, work through errors, and output charts and tables much like a first or second-year analyst would.
    Aaron Linsky, CTO - AI/ML at Bridgewater Associates
  • Logo GitLab
    Throughout GitLab's evaluation of certain code generation models, Claude stood out for its ability to mitigate distracting, unsafe, or deceptive behaviors. Claude also demonstrated consistent and accurate code generation throughout our testing.
    Kevin Chu, Principal Product Manager - GitLab Duo Code Suggestions
  • LexisNexis Logo
    Legal use cases also require high-quality technical analysis, long context windows for processing detailed documents, and fast outputs. That’s why we’ve chosen Claude on Amazon Bedrock as an important part of our AI strategy.
    Jeff Reihl, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at LexisNexis Legal & Professional
  • Lonely Planet Logo
    By extracting geospatial data from our vast content libraries, Claude rapidly builds personalized travel itineraries that would otherwise take our team days to craft manually. This has reduced our production costs already by 80% in tested markets.
    Chris Whyde, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Data Science at Lonely Planet
  • SAP Logo
    Generative AI is playing an increasingly critical role at SAP, bringing value to both our customers and our internal teams. We recently conducted a benchmark using Claude for document processing and have been very impressed by the results.
    Jackson Hallauer, Lead Data Scientist at SAP
  • Slack Logo
    We're excited by the possibilities Anthropic can offer not just our customers, but developers, as well. In fact, enterprise devs are even building their own custom Claude apps for their workspaces on Slack's platform.
    Jackie Rocca, VP of Product, AI, at Slack
  • Sourcegraph Logo
    When it comes to AI coding, devs need fast and reliable access to context about their unique codebase and a powerful LLM with a large context window and strong general reasoning capabilities. Thanks to Claude, our coding companion Cody is helping more devs build more software that pushes the world forward.
    Quinn Slack, CEO & Co-founder of Sourcegraph