Team up with Claude

Shorten the path from idea to impact with an AI assistant that taps into your team’s shared expertise.

Easy collaboration for better outcomes

Claude doesn’t just speed up daily tasks like writing emails or docs. It’s a virtual teammate that moves work forward using your team’s knowledge.
  • Create with Claude

    Claude can be a sounding board for your ideas, help you generate new ones, and pull insights from data in a snap.

  • Prime the canvas

    Use Projects to ground Claude in specific knowledge that helps you produce higher-quality work with less effort.

  • Spark inspiration

    Share your best chats with Claude across the team to spark creativity and improve your project deliverables.

Transform how you work

Claude makes work more productive—whether you need a partner for deep work, a creative collaborator, or an assistant for daily tasks.

Create with Claude

Draft and iterate on documents, code and, websites, and images alongside your chat with Artifacts.

  • Write and debug code
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Draft job descriptions
  • Build interactive visualizations

Transform how your team works

Claude can serve as your go-to expert, empowering each team member with shared knowledge from all across the organization.

Prime the canvas

Create Projects and add knowledge so each person on the team can deliver expert-level results.

  • Find and summarize information faster
  • Use Claude as your subject-matter expert
  • Expand how each teammate can contribute

Spark inspiration

Share your best chats with everyone on the Project to spark better ideas, iterate on Artifacts, and move work forward.

  • Brainstorm on new product ideas
  • Discuss insights from user interviews
  • Collaborate on hard research questions

Every team can work with Claude

  • Engineering

    • Generate code snippets in seconds
    • Create clear, comprehensive docs with no effort
    • Get help debugging even the most complex issues
    • Turn product feedback into roadmap items faster
  • Support

    • Resolve customer issues in record time
    • Craft personalized responses effortlessly
    • Build a dynamic, user-friendly knowledge base
    • Generate insightful metrics reports instantly
  • Marketing

    • Create engaging content tailored to your audience
    • Segment customers with pinpoint accuracy
    • Analyze competitors with unparalleled depth
    • Optimize campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Sales

    • Customize pitches for any customer segment
    • Uncover hidden sales trends effortlessly
    • Draft compelling follow-up emails in seconds
    • Get comprehensive competitor insights on demand
By leveraging content from our help center in Projects, we were able to generate comprehensive standard operating procedures for our core workflows in just a few hours—a task that previously took our team weeks to complete.
Bradley Silicani
COO, Anrok
Claude Team is transforming our way of working at North Highland. Claude is a truly exceptional writer that has helped our team complete content creation and analysis tasks up to 5x faster than before—turning what was once two weeks of writing and research into minutes of work.
Luka Anic
Senior Director, Technical AI Program and Product Manager, North Highland
Generating content, completing creative tasks, and creating summarized reports is much easier than before. There are many other areas of our business—like engineering, legal, risk and compliance—where we're excited to see what Claude can do.
Olga Pirog
Head of AI Transformation, IG Group

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