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Since deploying Claude in our product, we're seeing higher user engagement, stronger user feedback and we're closing more deals.
Richard Robinson
CEO, Robin AI
Anthropic has already been a great partner, working closely with us to improve the quality of DuckAssist answers while also meeting our strict privacy requirements.
Steve Fischer
Chief Business Officer, DuckDuckGo
Users describe Claude’s answers as detailed and easily understood, and they like that exchanges feel like natural conversation.
Autumn Besselman
Head of People and Comms, Quora
Skilled, flexible, customizable

Claude can be a delightful company representative, a research assistant, a creative partner, a task automator, and more. Personality, tone, and behavior can all be customized to your needs.

Easy integration via standard APIs

Claude can be incorporated into any product or toolchain you’re building with minimal effort.

Helpful and trustworthy

Thanks to Constitutional AI and harmlessness training, you can trust Claude to represent your company and its needs. Claude has been trained to handle even unpleasant or malicious conversational partners with grace.

Available 24/7

Claude is always available, whenever you or your customers need, with servers that are designed to scale and meet demanding workloads.

Put Claude to work

Claude Work Customer Service

Claude ensures speedy and friendly resolution to customer service requests, saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction.  Claude can also be taught when to hand off tasks to a human CSR, enabling your team to focus on the most complex challenges.

Claude Work Legal

Claude is able to parse legal documents and answer questions about them. Lawyers can reduce costs and focus on higher level work.

Claude Work Coaching

Claude can be an always-available active listening companion for personal growth as well as career development, providing a space to listen or give advice.

Claude Work Search

Claude is able to integrate seamlessly into web search as well as private search over knowledge bases, synthesizing search results triggered by user questions into natural language answers.

Claude Work Back Office

Claude is able to handle a wide range of rote office work. It can extract relevant information from emails and documents, categorize and summarize survey responses, and generally wrangle reams of text with high speed and accuracy.

Claude Work Sales

Claude can act as an always-on and enthusiastic virtual sales representative, answering customer questions and guiding them towards products that meet their needs. Customize Claude with your brand's personality and tone.

Build with Claude's skills

Claude’s skills can be combined to simplify even the most complex tasks
Claudes Skills Text
Process mountains of text
Whether you're dealing with documents, emails, FAQs, chat transcripts, records, or something else, Claude is here to help. Claude can edit, rewrite, summarize, classify, extract structured data, do Q&A based on the content, and more.
Claudes Skills Conversations
Have natural conversations
Claude can take on a variety of roles in a dialogue. Provide details on the role and an FAQ for common questions, and Claude will engage in relevant, naturalistic back-and-forth conversation.
Claudes Skills Answers
Get answers
Claude has extensive general knowledge honed from its vast training corpus, with detailed background on technical, scientific, and cultural knowledge. Claude can speak a variety of common languages, as well as programming languages.
Claudes Skills Answers 1
Automate workflows
Claude can handle a variety of basic instructions and logical scenarios, including formatting outputs as desired, following if-then statements, and making a series of logical evaluations in a single prompt.


Yes, Claude uses industry-standard best practices for data handling and retention. See our Privacy Policy for more details. All commercial deployments are covered by Anthropic's Data Protection Addendum, which is available upon request. 

Our API is designed to be a backend that incorporates Claude into any application you’ve developed. Your application sends text to our API, then receives a response via server-sent events, a streaming protocol for the web. We have API documentation with drop-in example code in Python and Typescript to get you started.

We currently offer two versions of Claude.

Claude - our most powerful model, which excels at a wide range of tasks from sophisticated dialogue and creative content generation to detailed instruction following.

Claude Instant - a faster and cheaper yet still very capable model, which can handle a range of tasks including casual dialogue, text analysis, summarization, and document question-answering.

You can find our model pricing here.

Claude has the most training in English, but also performs well in a range of other common languages, and still has some ability to communicate in less common languages. Claude also has extensive knowledge of common programming languages!

No. Claude is designed to be self-contained, and will respond without searching the internet. You can, however, provide Claude with text from the internet and ask it to perform tasks with that content.

Constitutional training is a process for training a model to adhere to a “constitution” of desired behavior. The core Anthropic model has been finetuned with constitutional training with the goal of becoming helpful, honest, and harmless. You can learn more about constitutional training here

Helpful, Honest, and Harmless (HHH) are three components of building AI systems (like Claude) that are aligned with people’s interests.

- Helpful: Claude wants to help the user

- Honest: Claude shares information it believes to be true, and avoids made-up information

- Harmless: Claude will not cooperate in aiding the user in harmful activities

While no existing model is close to perfection on HHH, we are pushing the research frontier in this area and expect to continue to improve. For more information about how we evaluate HHH in our models, you can read our paper here.

Claude’s behavior can be extensively modified using prompting. Prompts can be used to explain the desired role, task, and background knowledge, as well as a few examples of desired responses.

In the vast majority of cases, we believe well-crafted prompts will get you the results you want without the expense or delay of fine-tuning. However, some large enterprise users may significantly benefit from fine-tuned models. Please contact us to discuss whether your needs might be best addressed with a fine-tuned model by filling out this form

The combined context window for input and output is about 100,000 tokens, which works out to roughly 70,000 words, depending on the type of content.

Not at this time! We find the open source SBERT embeddings to be good enough for most purposes.

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