Zoom Partnership and Investment in Anthropic

We are announcing a new partnership with Zoom, a leader in enterprise collaboration and communication solutions. Zoom will use Claude, our AI assistant built with Constitutional AI, to build customer-facing AI products focused on reliability, productivity, and safety.

"Collaborating with Zoom allows us to bring robust, steerable AI to more people in the workplace," said our CEO Dario Amodei. "We are excited to showcase Anthropic's and Zoom's commitment to boosting productivity through AI-enabled solutions that prioritize safety and helpfulness.”

We appreciate Zoom's federated approach to AI, which will use its own technology plus other models, including Claude, for diverse customer needs. The first product integration of Claude will occur in the Zoom Contact Center portfolio, where Claude will help improve the end-user experience and enable superior contact center agent performance.

We are also pleased to announce that Zoom Ventures has made an investment in Anthropic. The Zoom team shares our vision of building customer-centric AI products with a foundation of trust and security, that are robust enough for real-world use. By combining our expertise, Zoom and Anthropic will help to incorporate AI into beneficial applications that meets customer needs.