Introducing the Claude Team plan and iOS app

Today, we’re announcing two updates for Claude: a new Team plan and an iOS app.

  • The Team plan enables ambitious teams to create a workspace with increased usage for members and tools for managing users and billing. It’s the best way for teams across industries to leverage our next-generation Claude 3 model family. This plan is available for $30 per user per month.
  • The Claude iOS app is available to download for free for all Claude users. It offers the same intuitive experience as mobile web, including syncing your chat history and support for taking and uploading photos.

Claude is designed to help individuals—and now teams—harness the power of the industry’s most advanced AI models. Whether you need a partner for deep work, a knowledgeable expert, a creative collaborator, or an assistant that’s available instantly, Claude augments every employee's capabilities and enables businesses to achieve new levels of productivity to drive better results.

Team plan

Claude enables companies to shape their workflows based on their teams' unique needs and goals, rather than being limited by their existing tools. Built with security and data privacy in mind, Claude helps protect sensitive business information.

The new Team plan features:

  • Increased usage: Provides greater usage per user compared to our Pro plan, enabling every teammate to significantly increase the number of chats they can have with Claude.
  • Access to the Claude 3 model family: Offers the full Claude 3 model family—including Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku—providing teams and business users a suite of cutting-edge AI models tailored for different use cases. Choose the best-suited model for your specific business needs.
  • 200K context window: Enables businesses to process long documents (e.g., research papers, legal contracts), discuss complex topics (e.g., financial forecasting, product roadmapping), and maintain multi-step conversations (e.g., customer support inquiries, project planning discussions), helping individuals and teams gain deeper insights from their data.
  • Admin tools and billing management: Introduces administrative tools to conveniently control user and billing management for easier onboarding and less overhead.
  • Everything in Pro: Includes all Claude Pro features including priority access during high-traffic periods, early access to new features, greater usage rates, and more.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing additional collaboration features, including citations from reliable sources to verify AI-generated claims, integrations with data repositories like codebases or CRMs, and iterating with colleagues on AI-generated documents or projects—all while maintaining the highest standards of security and safety.

The Team plan is $30 per user per month, with a minimum of 5 seats. To get started with the Team plan, sign up here.

iOS app

We’re also announcing the launch of the Claude iOS app, so you can access Claude from anywhere, any time.

The Claude iOS app features:

  • Seamless syncing with web chats: Pick up where you left off across devices.
  • Vision capabilities: Use photos from your library, take new photos, or upload files so you can have real-time image analysis, contextual understanding, and mobile-centric use cases on the go.
  • Open access: Users across all plans, including Pro and Team, can download the app free of charge.

Early testers report that the Claude app is exceptional for brainstorming ideas on the go, getting quick answers to questions, or analyzing scenes and images from the real world. Our new iOS app puts the power of frontier intelligence in your back pocket.

To download the iOS app, find us on the Apple App Store.