Collaborate with Claude on Projects

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Our vision for Claude has always been to create AI systems that work alongside people and meaningfully enhance their workflows. As a step in this direction, Pro and Team users can now organize their chats into Projects, bringing together curated sets of knowledge and chat activity in one place—with the ability to make their best chats with Claude viewable by teammates. With this new functionality, Claude can enable idea generation, more strategic decision-making, and exceptional results.

Projects are available on for all Pro and Team customers, and can be powered by Claude 3.5 Sonnet, our latest release which outperforms its peers on a wide variety of benchmarks. Each project includes a 200K context window, the equivalent of a 500-page book, so users can add all of the relevant documents, code, and insights to enhance Claude’s effectiveness.

Avoid the cold start problem

Projects allow you to ground Claude’s outputs in your internal knowledge—be it style guides, codebases, interview transcripts, or past work. This added context enables Claude to provide expert assistance across tasks, from writing emails like your marketing team to writing SQL queries like a data analyst.

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In addition, you can define custom instructions for each Project to further tailor Claude’s responses, including instructing Claude to use a more formal tone or answer questions from the perspective of a specific role or industry. With Projects, you can get started much faster and extend your skills further for any task.

App screen showing custom instructions

Create side-by-side with Claude

Artifacts help you better work with Claude by helping you see, edit, and build with Claude. Simply ask Claude to generate content like code snippets, text documents, graphics, diagrams, or website designs, and Artifacts appear in a dedicated window alongside your conversation.

Artifacts especially enhance Claude’s coding capabilities for developers, offering a larger code window and live previews for frontends that streamline reviews. Join the feature preview for Artifacts in via the account menu on the left-side panel.

App screen that shows the Artifacts panel alongside the user chat

Spark inspiration through sharing

Claude Team users can also share snapshots of their best conversations with Claude into your team’s shared project activity feed. Activity feeds help each teammate get inspired around different ways to work with Claude, and helps the entire team uplevel their skills working with AI.

App screen showing shared chats within a Project

Sharing work products that were co-created with Claude can improve innovation in areas like product development and research, where bringing together organizational knowledge from across the company can produce higher-quality outputs.

Customer spotlight: North Highland

At North Highland, a leading change and transformation consultancy, hundreds of employees across consulting, business development, and marketing teams use Claude to work better. From writing proposals to analyzing complex documents like 10-Ks, teams use Claude to enhance and scale their expert services.

The Claude Team plan is transforming our way of working at North Highland. Claude is a truly exceptional writer that has helped our team complete content creation and analysis tasks up to 5x faster than before—turning what was once two weeks of writing and research into minutes of work. With Claude, we’re future-proofing our workforce, finding more excitement in daily challenges, and leaping into the future of AI-assisted collaboration and creativity.

Luka Anic, Senior Director of Technical AI Program and Product Manager at North Highland

The future of work with Claude

These latest features around shared knowledge and collaboration integrate Claude into your existing team processes, enabling you to save time and elevate your work. By harnessing Claude’s accuracy and advanced coding and writing capabilities, Projects can amplify your team’s potential. Additionally, as part of our commitment to user privacy, any data or chats shared within Projects will not be used to train our generative models without a user’s explicit consent.

In the coming months, we’ll continue making Claude easier to use while expanding the types of project knowledge you can bring to Claude via native integrations with popular applications and tools. We’re excited to see how your team works with Claude.