Claude 3 models on Vertex AI

Claude 3 Haiku and Claude 3 Sonnet are now generally available on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform. Enterprises can use our state-of-the-art models that optimize intelligence, speed, and cost with Google Cloud's robust infrastructure and tools. This collaboration enables businesses to quickly prototype and scale generative AI solutions with enterprise-grade data privacy and security. The benefits for Google Cloud customers include the ability to keep their data within their existing cloud environment, simplify data governance, reduce operational costs and complexities, and more easily manage access permissions.

The general availability of our Claude 3 models will empower more organizations to access safer, more reliable AI solutions on the cloud platform of their choice.

Spotlight: Quora

Quora, the popular question-and-answer platform, has already seen positive results from integrating Claude into the Poe app. Poe is a fast, helpful AI chat experience that offers users the ability to converse with Claude for a wide range of use cases.

“At Poe, we’re helping shape how people interact with AI, providing millions of global users with one place to chat, explore and build with a wide variety of AI-powered bots,” said Spencer Chan, Product Lead at Poe by Quora. “Claude has become very popular on Poe due to its strengths in multiple areas, including creative writing and image understanding. Our users describe Claude’s answers as detailed and easily understood, and they like that exchanges feel like natural conversations. With millions of messages exchanged between our users and Anthropic’s Claude-based bots daily, we’re excited to work with Anthropic’s Claude 3 models on Vertex AI.”

Get started

To start building with Claude 3 Haiku and Claude 3 Sonnet on Vertex AI, visit the Model Garden console and select your desired model. Claude 3 Opus, our most capable and intelligent model to date, will be available on Vertex AI in the coming weeks.