Introducing Claude Pro

Today, we’re introducing a paid plan for our chat experience, currently available in the US and UK.

Since launching in July, users tell us they’ve chosen as their day-to-day AI assistant for its longer context windows, faster outputs, complex reasoning capabilities, and more. Many also shared that they would value more file uploads and conversations over longer periods.

With Claude Pro, subscribers can now gain 5x more usage of our latest model, Claude 2, for a monthly price of $20 (US) or £18 (UK).

This means you can level up your productivity across a range of tasks, including summarizing research papers, querying contracts, and iterating further on coding projects—like this recent demo of building an interactive map.

Claude Pro offers:

  • 5x more usage than our free tier provides, with the ability to send many more messages
  • Priority access to during high-traffic periods
  • Early access to new features that help you get the most out of Claude

You can learn more about these benefits, including how to maximize your usage, here.

We’re grateful for your support as we strive to build helpful, honest, and harmless systems that fuel productivity and inspire creativity.