Claude on Amazon Bedrock now available to every AWS customer

Claude is now generally available on Amazon Bedrock, the fully managed service that provides Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers with secure cloud access to foundation models and tools for building generative AI applications.

This means that every AWS customer can now build with Claude, and will soon gain access to an exciting roadmap of new experiences - including Agents for Amazon Bedrock, which our team has been instrumental in developing.

Currently available in preview, Agents for Amazon Bedrock can orchestrate and perform API calls using the popular AWS Lambda functions. Through this feature, Claude can take on a more expanded role as an agent to understand user requests, break down complex tasks into multiple steps, carry on conversations to collect additional details, look up information, and take actions to fulfill requests. For example, an e-commerce app that offers a chat assistant built with Claude can go beyond just querying product inventory – it can actually help customers update their orders, make exchanges, and look up relevant user manuals.

We also recently shared that we’ll offer secure customization and fine-tuning of Claude models through the service. This technique optimizes Claude’s performance with AWS customers’ expert knowledge and proprietary data to drive more relevant results, while limiting the potential for harmful outputs.

The general availability of Claude on Amazon Bedrock advances our work in helping enterprises responsibly integrate transformative AI. In the coming months, we’ll be announcing even more application layer solutions to help organizations get the most value out of Claude.

Spotlight: How Bridgewater Associates is augmenting analyst productivity with Claude

Since announcing our integration with Amazon Bedrock in April, Claude has seen strong organic adoption from leading enterprises including LexisNexis, Lonely Planet and Ricoh USA.

Premier asset management firm Bridgewater Associates is also leveraging our state-of-the-art model Claude to create a novel, AI-enabled Investment Analyst Assistant to support junior members of its team.

Bridgewater seeks to understand the economy in a fundamental way, uncovering the timeless and universal cause-and-effect linkages that drive global markets. In order to reveal those relationships, analysts at Bridgewater spend significant time understanding and systematically stress testing hypotheses, often in code.

For example, an analyst might investigate the impact of the Federal Reserve’s tightening of commodity prices by creating key data visualizations (including charts and tables) to test hypotheses, synthesize findings, and share their research. Bridgewater's team is working with Claude on Amazon Bedrock to make that process more efficient and scalable.

“Claude is the highly capable model behind our upcoming Investment Analyst Assistant on Amazon Bedrock, which is able to take basic instructions, generate Python code, work through errors, and output charts and tables much like a first or second-year analyst would”, said Aaron Linsky, CTO - AI/ML at Bridgewater Associates. “When the Investment Analyst Assistant isn’t certain about the path to take, it will also ask clarifying questions before attempting to execute.”

Linsky continued, “Our Investment Analyst Assistant also enables the editing of code in place, which lets our analysts choose when to leverage Claude, or when to make the simple change themselves. This enables quicker loops and lets the Investment Analyst Assistant iterate on the updated codebase; something that many other chat-style assistants simply don’t offer.”

Getting started with Claude on Amazon Bedrock

We’re pleased to provide even more of the AWS community with access to Claude, and to contribute our technical team’s expertise towards responsible innovation on the Amazon Bedrock service. Get started with Claude on Amazon Bedrock today.

Already set up on Amazon Bedrock? Visit our documentation page for developer resources, prompt engineering guidance, and more.

We can’t wait to see what you build.