Anthropic, AWS, and Accenture team up to build trusted solutions for enterprises

Today we announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Accenture. All three organizations are providing key resources to take generative AI ideas from concept to production, especially those in regulated sectors where accuracy, reliability and data security are paramount. Enterprises will be able to deploy models to address their specific needs, while keeping their data private and secure.

Over 1,400 Accenture engineers will be trained as specialists in using Anthropic’s models on AWS, allowing them to provide customers with end-to-end support that accelerates their AI strategies from concept to production. Accenture’s engineers will help organizations use their own data to fine-tune Anthropic’s models on AWS to enhance performance for their use case and industry. Teams across Accenture and AWS will also guide customers on prompt and platform engineering to help them deploy AI models through Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker.

The initiative is already delivering impact in the public health sector. Powered by Claude through Amazon Bedrock, Accenture collaborated with the District of Columbia Department of Health to create a custom chatbot called Knowledge Assist. Available in both English and Spanish, this intelligent chatbot enables employees and residents to ask questions in natural language and receive quick, accurate responses about health programs and services.

By combining Anthropic's technical AI expertise, AWS's approach to security and reliability, and Accenture's deep industry knowledge, we hope to provide tailored solutions for trust-driven sectors and streamline the adoption of powerful AI systems that put humans at the center.