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Filevine helps legal professionals review case files 90% faster with Claude

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Filevine, a legal technology company, uses the Claude 3 model family to help legal professionals review case files as much as 90% faster. Traditional legal software can often introduce errors and productivity bottlenecks into firms’ workflows. With Claude, Filevine is providing its clients with AI that is highly accurate, reliable, and protected by robust security frameworks.

  • 15–20% reduction in workloads
  • 90% reduction in time to review case files
  • 10x more resistant to jailbreaks and misuse

Helping legal professionals streamline workflows

Filevine helps lawyers and paralegals concentrate on case strategy rather than routine clerical tasks. To do so, the company developed a case management solution used by 75,000 legal professionals to simplify their daily workflows. Using artificial intelligence, its software facilitates everything from document management and client communication to billing and deadline tracking.

Many of these capabilities are powered by the Claude 3 model family. Filevine chose Anthropic because Claude can go beyond simple pattern recognition or text generation to deliver complex cognitive tasks that are well suited for legal work, where accuracy and reliability matter.

“As early adopters of Claude, we’ve been significantly impressed with every version Anthropic releases,” says Alex McLaughlin, Vice President of Product at Filevine. “Each version of Claude has delivered more accuracy, speed, and task performance. Now, we’re excited to be using all Claude 3 models: Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku.”

Improving accuracy and security with Claude

Filevine has incorporated the Claude 3 model family across most of its generative AI products—especially to transform unstructured information into actionable formats for legal professionals. For example, Filevine uses Claude for the following:

  • AI Fields: This tool employs Sonnet and Opus to automatically extract and manage data from documents.
  • Demands: Opus analyzes input data and past case examples to help attorneys draft detailed legal demands.
  • Sidebar: This tool uses Claude 3 to process and summarize relevant case data, which helps attorneys gain immediate access to the most pertinent details.
App screen from Filevine platform

“In the legal field, accuracy is critical. Lawyers need to have confidence in the information being surfaced at all times,” says Ryan Anderson, CEO of Filevine. “Claude enhances our legal solutions at Filevine by helping us deliver a more efficient product experience and empowering lawyers to uncover crucial information that can significantly impact the outcomes of active legal cases.”

Claude also provides the level of security that Filevine needs to keep confidential legal information safe with enterprise-grade security and data handling; the model family is 10 times more resistant to jailbreaks and misuse than other alternatives. These capabilities make Claude ideal for Filevine’s clients, who require stringent levels of data protection.

“We take security extraordinarily seriously,” says Anderson. “We realize the tremendous trust that our clients place in us by choosing to put highly confidential information into our systems. Security was first and foremost when we chose AI technology, and Claude’s robust security features have consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Reducing legal workloads 15-20% while boosting client confidence

With the integration of Claude, Filevine has seen multiple benefits. Trust is paramount in the legal industry, and using Claude, the company offers AI technology that clients can rely on without hesitation. Claude is highly accurate and presents data in a trustworthy manner, which minimizes the need for legal professionals to re-review outputs.

“With every version of Claude, Anthropic consistently delivers world-class reliability,” says McLaughlin. “The Claude 3 model family are also far and away the most effective models on the market for following instructions and delivering consistent results. This is where Anthropic’s iterative model development truly shines.”

Additionally, Claude models are adept at uncovering information that humans may overlook, which could completely change the way that an attorney approaches a case. “It’s entirely possible for lawyers to win their cases because of a piece of data that Filevine found using Claude,” says Anderson.

Filevine has also boosted client productivity since integrating its solution with Claude models. With tools like Demand AI, legal professionals can complete routine clerical tasks much faster. For example, they can now review case files as much as 90% faster or more. “Some firms have 20,000–30,000 cases,” says McLaughlin. “Using Claude, we have helped them reduce their review time from 4–6 hours to 15–20 minutes.”

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Filevine’s tools reduce workloads for paralegals and staff by 15–20%, alleviating stress and freeing up time for client-focused tasks. This efficiency also helps firms save resources by decreasing the need for overtime and reducing overhead costs associated with case management.

In the future, Filevine hopes to enhance legal workflows even further by integrating advanced features into its platform. Claude will continue to serve as the foundation of the company’s AI capabilities. “I envision a day where a lawyer could make a note in Filevine, and then an AI assistant could ask, ‘Would you like me to assign someone to complete those tasks?’” says Anderson. “Once we get to that level, we’re going to see even more efficiencies.”