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We’re a public benefit corporation headquartered in San Francisco. Our team’s experience spans a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, from physics and machine learning to public policy and business. We work as a cohesive team that collectively forecasts the impact and tractability of research ideas in advancing our mission.

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What We Offer

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Health & Wellness

We offer a range of benefits to best support your and your family's wellbeing.

  • Comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your dependents
  • Inclusive fertility benefits via Carrot Fertility
  • Generous subsidy for OneMedical
  • 22 weeks of paid parental leave
  • Unlimited PTO – most staff take between 4-6 weeks each year, sometimes more
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Compensation & Support

We offer competitive compensation with significant amounts of equity. Your equity can be multiplied if you choose to donate a portion of it to charity.

  • Competitive salary and equity packages
  • Optional equity donation matching at a 1:1 ratio, up to 25% of your equity grant
  • 401(k) plan with 4% matching
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Additional Benefits

We’re continually upgrading our benefits program so we can meet the needs of our entire team.

  • $500/month flexible wellness stipend
  • Commuter coverage
  • Annual education stipend
  • A home office improvement stipend when you first join
  • Relocation support for those moving to the Bay Area
  • Daily lunches in the office

How We Hire

The interview process at Anthropic varies based on role and candidate, but our standard process looks like this:

Step 1


Submit your resume via our website.

Step 2

Exploratory chat

You’ll have a chat with one of our staff to discuss your career interests and relevant experience, and learn more about Anthropic.

Step 3

Skills Assessment

  • For technical roles, you’ll have a one-hour technical screening interview.
  • For operations or policy roles, you’ll get a take-home assignment. These typically involve writing responses to several role-relevant questions; they may occasionally require some outside research. Assignments usually take between 2-5 hours, depending on the role.
  • We include this to minimize bias and make well-informed hiring decisions. We think seeing a candidate’s work helps us assess how they might actually perform on the job; similarly, the assignment gives candidates a better idea of what their work at Anthropic might entail. If a candidate likes working through their take-home, that is one indicator that they would enjoy taking on the role, and vice versa.
  • We recognize that completing work assignments requires time and effort, and that they are not perfectly reflective of the role’s work. Nonetheless, we think that work tests are a useful complement to interviews and reference checks.

Step 4

Team Screen

You'll have a conversation with either the Hiring Manager or a member of your potential team.

Step 5

Interview Panel

  • For technical roles, you’ll have 3-4 more one-hour technical interviews, plus a culture interview.
  • For operations or policy roles, you’ll have 3-5 hours of interviews, including a culture interview.

Step 6

Final Checks

We’ll ask for some references, and have you chat with our leadership.

Step 7


We’ll make you an offer!

Technical Interviews

Technical interviews at Anthropic are broadly categorized into ‘engineering’ or ‘research’ interviews, and each candidate is given a mix tailored to their skillset.

Engineering interviews are usually carried out in a shared Python coding environment, like Google Colab. Frontend engineering interviews are in JavaScript. They have the form:
Here’s a description of a component from our stack. Could you re-implement a toy version of it for me in one hour?

These components are ‘chunkier’ than the more common LeetCode problems, and are intended to mimic the day-to-day of engineering at Anthropic.

We are particularly interested in your thought process and how you attack the problem. You’ll be allowed to look things up with Google, but it’s still important to be familiar with Python syntax and the standard library. We primarily code in Python, and a common reason candidates fail interviews is that they're not fully comfortable in Python.

Only one of our engineering interviews touches on machine learning topics, and you can ask to pass on that one if you wish. You do not need to learn anything about machine learning before interviewing as an engineer at Anthropic.

Research interviews are broader in form. They’ll include some engineering interviews, and some discussions about the kinds of systems we study.

Both the research and engineering interview process also include softer questions about your experience and motivations, and time to ask us about Anthropic.

Other Things

Engineers here do lots of research, and researchers do lots of engineering

While there’s historically been a division between engineering and research in machine learning, we think that boundary has dissolved with the advent of large models. The distribution of candidates we interview is strongly bimodal in both engineering and research experience however, and we have necessarily tailored our interview structure to that.

  • If you’ve an engineering background, please apply as an engineer. You’ll perform much better in the interviews, and if you join you’ll have as much input to Anthropic’s direction and interests as anyone else.
  • As evidence towards this: all of our papers have engineers as authors, and often as first author. Research and engineering hires all share a single title - ‘Member of Technical Staff’.

We value direct evidence of ability

If you’ve done interesting independent research, written an insightful blog post, or made substantial contributions to open-source software, put that at the top of your resume!


We do not provide feedback on resumes or interviews.


Anthropic sponsors visas! We aren't able to sponsor them for every role and every candidate; operations roles are especially difficult to support. But if we make you an offer, we will make every effort to get you into the United States, and we retain an immigration lawyer to help with this.

Green cards

Once you’re eligible, we’re also keen to sponsor green cards!

We do not require PhDs, degrees, or previous ML experience

About half of Anthropic technical staff have a PhD of some sort; about half had prior experience in ML. We have several brilliant colleagues who never went to college.

Remote interviewing

All our interviews are conducted over Google Meet. We prefer PST office hours, but we can be flexible if that’s difficult for you.


Similarly, if interviews don’t work out this time, you’re welcome to re-apply after 12 months, and earlier if something materially changes about your experience or skills.

Remote work

Anthropic staff all come to the office regularly. Most staff live in the Bay Area, though a few live further away and come in for one week a month. We also understand that moving can take time, so as a transitional phase some folks start while fully remote.

Offer timing

If we make an offer, we’re happy to give you time to think about it and finish up any other interview processes you’re going through.


We do not offer internships.