Build with Claude

Experiment, implement, and scale with the Claude API. Choose from the following account types.

  • Build

    Create a proof-of-concept and launch your own generative AI solution.

    On the Build plan, you get:

    Get API Access
  • Scale

    Scale your generative AI solution with custom rate limits and hands-on support from the Anthropic team.

    On the Scale plan, you get:

    • All the benefits of the Build plan
    • Anthropic-supported onboarding
    • Custom rate limits
    • Billing via monthly invoices
    • Access to prompting and deployment support
    Contact Sales

Claude 3 Pricing

MTok = million tokens. All Claude 3 models support vision and 200,000 token context windows.
Light & fast


  • Input: $0.25 / MTok
  • Output: $1.25 / MTok


  • Input: $3 / MTok
  • Output: $15 / MTok


  • Input: $15 / MTok
  • Output: $75 / MTok

Legacy Model Pricing

  • Claude 2.1

    200,000 token context window

    • Input: $8 / MTok
    • Output: $24 / MTok
  • Claude 2.0

    100,000 token context window

    • Input: $8 / MTok
    • Output: $24 / MTok
  • Claude Instant

    100,000 token context window

    • Input: $0.80 / MTok
    • Output: $2.40 / MTok

Partners building with Claude

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Use cases for Claude

  • Operational efficiency

    Claude can extract relevant information from business emails and documents, categorize and summarize survey responses, and wrangle reams of text with high speed and accuracy.

  • Legal applications

    Contract drafting and negotiations require meticulous detail over extremely long, sensitive documents. Claude has a best-in-class 200K context window to help expedite traditionally manual legal reviews.

  • Code generation

    Claude models are constantly improving on coding, math, and reasoning. The latest model Claude 3 Opus scored 84.9% (up from 71.2%) on the Codex HumanEval, a Python coding test.